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Alo, my name is Alejandra L Manriquez from Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. Here you'll find my drawings and painting. I've made over 100+ pieces through out the last 5 years, if you're interested in buying prints you can find some available on my Etsy shop. If you want other design that it's not available on my shop and you would like to acquire a print of it, feel free to contact me. Please do not use these images without my permission. If you are interested in a commissioned design, have any questions or concerns you can inbox me, send me an email at alejandralmanriquez@gmail.com or use the links.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tattoo Permission Info

Hello, this page may be useful to you if you're interested in getting one of my designs tattooed or you are going to tattoo something made by me on somebody, here's what you can do:

1.- You could pay a minimum amount of $10 USD or + and help me out with the materials costs to keep making more designs. In this case i would really appreciate if you could add on the "special instructions" section, info of where you might share your tattoo pictures (instagram, tumblr, flickr,etc.)

2.-You could also buy prints from my Etsy shop and as well leave a note with information of where you might share it. (All of my designs are available for selling as prints, but not all of them are listed on etsy so..) In case that you can't find the print that want to buy there or you dont have an Etsy account you can contact me and make the process without the third party.

Please don't feel obligated to do this two things I would understand if, for some reason you can not do any of these options, however what i do require it's to be notified and consulted about it, and receive the proper credit as the original artist. My name is Alejandra L Manriquez / Alxbngala, you can mention me, tag me, or link to any of my sites.

None of this options apply to licenses and other commercial and non-commercial permissions. This is for tattoos exclusively.
If you are seeking for a license or a permit than you can contact me at alejandralmanriquez@gmail.com and also If you are interested in a commissioned design.

Thanks for reading.
Alejandra L Manriquez.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Loteria Tabla 2" by:Alejandra L Manriquez.

5-El Paraguas (The Umbrella).

7-La Escalera (The Ladder).

8-La Botella (The Bottle).

14-La Muerte (The Death).

16-La Bandera (The Flag).

24-El Cotorro (The Parrot).

25-El Borracho (The Drunk).

26-El Negrito (The Negro).

28-La Sandia (The Watermelon).

31-Las Jaras (The Arrows).

35-La Estrella (The Star).

40-El Alacran (The Scorpion).

45-El Venado (The Deer).

47-La Corona (The Crown).

48-La Chalupa (The Canoe).

51-La Palma (The Palm).